Dynamic Culture

Odyssey Technical Solutions takes pride in the selection of the best and brightest in all areas within the company.   Our hiring managers scout out talent and personalities that make up the success of our company as a whole. Integrity and workmanship are priorities for all of Odyssey Technical Solutions employees.


We understand how important it is to not only build trust in our customers, but among our employees as well. One way we do that is by a program called “Share In Our Success”  This gives all employees an opportunity to give ideas and share in the success of our company. Another way we promote camaraderie within the company is by enjoying a Round Rock Express baseball game every spring in which all employees and their families are invited, as well as our annual Thanksgiving and Christmas luncheons.  These have been yearly traditions since the start of the company over 15 years ago and is something that will likely continue as the company grows.

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