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What's up with Shorter Run Times?

September 9, 2014

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What's up with Shorter Run Times and Lower MTBF in some equipment today?
There can be a number of reasons semiconductor equipment starts fail more often. Two primary factors are somewhat to blame. 
•Process(s)and Power(s)
As processes evolve and power levels increase, the original equipment that has been installed is worked harder and harder with little to no relief. Much of this equipment has shown to be functional and pass new requirements, however the long term reliability and repeatability of this equipment is seen as an increase in rates of failure. High stress conditions decrease MTBF in units both New and Old. In order to combat these issues, New Revisions, Upgrades, and/or Modifications to existing equipment is welcomed as these changes can help extend the life and functionality of your equipment.
•Age and Failure of Equipment 
Much like the Bath-Tub Curve shown below, some of the equipment and devices repaired today are in the Increasing failure region. Repairs and re-work of equipment does not always address all aspects of the unit do to cost. In many cases, failures that occur short term are do to parts or issues that are not normally addressed as part of SOP in repair centers.
Bathtub curve
Factor in Age AND Use of Equipment in todays world, and you may see that MTBF and Short Term Failures are a constant issue with your Equipment.
Contact Odyssey to see how we can HELP turn back time and reduce your failures!

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