We're Not Just Another Repair Company

The World's Largest Dedicated RF, DC, Microwave Equipment Repair Company—in business since 2000.

They say experience is the best teacher and with nearly 100,000 successful repairs under our belt, we totally agree. Procedures and processes developed over many years are designed for repeatable success in our repairs and to give our customers a high level of confidence that we will do it right—the first time.

Top reasons why you should choose Odyssey for your equipment repair:

  1. Quality, turnaround, and price leader.
  2. Many years of repair experience and knowledge of semiconductor and industrial applications.
  3. Dedicated customer service reps who will advocate on behalf of the customer and "make it right".


Microwave Repair

We are enormously proud of our state-of-the-art, 32,000 sq. ft. technology center, built from the ground up to ensure great flow from receiving to the repair floor, and back out to shipping. 

Many visitors note how quiet and uncluttered our repair facility is—by design—all needed electrical and water is built into the ESD certified floor. All loads, chillers, etc. are designed off the floor itself for a comfortable working environment.


RF Equipment Repair

Priority repairs are available upon request. Call into our customer service department for details. We set our wheels in motion when you need it the most.

With a proven history of quality over many years., Odyssey has the highest repair confidence in the industry. Ask us about our exclusive layer cake inspection process.  


ISO Certified

Our engineering staff is made up of very experienced professionals with a wide variety of OEM, manufacturing, R&D, troubleshooting, hardware and software backgrounds. 

Many of our repair technicians have industry and military experience, with a continuing education program at Odyssey.

Comet CapacitorExclusive Distributor for the Americas. Click here to find the right Comet capacitor, cross reference information available.

Offering You the Best Solutions For Your Repair Problems – Now Worldwide

Odyssey has over 20 years of experience in developing processes and procedures, enabling our high-success rate with repairs as repeatable as possible, at all our worldwide repair facilities. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is the top priority for Odyssey, our goal is to provide the highest quality repair each and every time.  

Odyssey Worldwide