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With 20 years experience and nearly 100,000 successful repairs of RF, DC and Microwave power products ... Odyssey starts a new chapter with the addition of our industrial products and repairs. We can now help scope your project as well as supply and service the equipment you need for success. From microwave and RF equipment for food safety and processing to AC drive solutions to address power quality issues to critical components- Odyssey is your one stop for power solution products and service. After all we are Odyssey Technical Solutions.

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Automation, Material Handling, AC Drive Solutions, Energy Savings.

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Food Safety and Processing Technology

With our partners we are providing solutions to historical problems like food borne pathogens, mold and short shelf life. In addition, we can provide help with quick cooking, crisping and "tempering" needs using patented and effective RF and microwave technologies. Help us reduce waste, food illnesses and costly recalls.

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RF Driver Stages for Trumpf® CO2 Lasers

For over 20 years and nearly 100,000 successful repairs, Odyssey has established itself as the world's largest dedicated repair center for RF, DC and Microwave equipment. Our newest repairs at Odyssey are the RF driver stages for Trumpf® CO2 lasers that we offer as core exchange repairs. We will have it ready to go when you need a repaired unit, as we understand the critical uptime needed for your success. Our repair process includes our exclusive "layer cake" inspection.

OTS Part No. Description Frequency Class Trump Part No.
OTS13M650W 650W 13.56   0954356, 0990818, 1286829, 1288251, 1544591, 1544595
OTS13M650WE 650W 13.56 E 1313254, 1392849, 1726682, 1760569, 1829407
OTS13M1000WE 1000W 13.56 E 1258823, 1368226, 1726681, 1746606
OTS13M1000W 1000W 13.56   0131606, 0149214, 1286827, 1288256, 1597794, 1633972
OTS13M2000W 2000W 13.56   0139823, 0342740, 1286828, 1288256, 1597794, 1633972
OTS13M2000WE 2000W 13.56 E 1304885, 1383930, 1726678, 1746609
OTS13M5000W 5000W 13.56   1245211
OTS27M1000W 1000W 27.12   0920105, 1293759,1323934
OTS27M1200WE 1200W 27.12 E 1391564, 1726679

Exclusive North American distributor for RF driver stages for Trumpf® CO2 Laser. Power Solutions Pro can also help you with additional laser related products at All other inquiries contact Odyssey directly.