Odyssey currently serves many markets and industries, from legacy equipment to the latest cutting-edge technology. The common thread comes from our deep understanding of RF, DC, and Microwave technologies.

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Semiconductor wafer processing is used to manufacture integrated circuits (IC) that are used in all aspects of our lives. Many steps are involved in the processing of ICs including layers added by deposition by different methods; CVD or chemical vapor deposition, PVD or physical vapor deposition, PEVCD or plasma enhanced physical vapor deposition.

RF waves are used to provide energy to target materials. So the level of RF energy, signal purity impedence, frequency and wave shape play an important role in semiconductor manufacturing. Another step is etching, where material is etched away from the wafer. RF also plays an important role in this critical process.

The RF delivery system including RF generators/power supplies and impedence matching networks, which provides the matched impedance interface to the RF generator even when there is a change in plasma impedence are crucial elements in on wafer performance. DC and MW are also used in different methodologies to acheive uniformity of wafer performance.


Solar Power


As thin film solar becomes more competitive with other solar technologies we see an interest worldwide in its adoption. Thin film manufacturers are using the same or similar technologies we see in semiconductor manufacturing, primarily plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). This is used basically to deposit two different allotropes; hydrogenated amorphous and micro crystalline silicon. RF is playing another major role on the power delivery side of this process.


With our two partners MicroZap and Sairem we are providing solutions to historical problems like food borne pathogens, mold and short shelf life. In addition, we can provide help with quick cooking, crisping and "tempering" needs using patented and effective RF and microwave technologies. Help us reduce waste, food illnesses and costly recalls.

Food Safety and Processing Technology


Substrate size in flat panel display construction is still increasing due to consumer demand for bigger and bigger screen sizes. The scaling increase has a direct proportional consequence in the need for more process power for deposition and etching processes. The demand also has influenced the need for quicker cycle times. All this adds up to bigger demands on the power delivery side of the process; whether RF, MW or DC generation.

Hard Disk Drive


Despite of the increasing popularity of SSD because of its reliability and durability due to no mechanical parts, performance of higher data-transfer rates and that it has better resistance to shock, HDD is still the economical choice of storage in general with SSD is averagely 3-5x cost per gigabytes. Magnetic disk of an HDD is manufactured by depositing multilayer of thin coating of materials on an Aluminium-glass-ceramic substrate mostly from vacuum deposition process and dc power generation is used during the magnetron sputtering.


There are a variety of RF, MW and DC applications within the industrial market, or more correctly a collection of many markets and applications. Whether drying of wood, food or textiles, RF heating/sealing of plastics like swimming pool linings, notebooks, IV bags, as well as laser applications- power generation plays a major part in achieving the right frequency and power to get the job done. Textile Drying: Radio frequency drying is one of the most efficient processes for the removal of moisture from textiles. Wood and Glue Drying: RF is used to remove the moisture from lumber and lumber derivatives, it can be used to form fiberboard and cure chipboard. Its primary use is curing glue when assembling wood pieces, such as furniture manufacturing. Food Drying: Generally used for removing moisture, its what makes consumer baked goods "crispy". Also used for sterilizing and preheating phases. Plastic Welding: Used in the manufacturing process of a variety of products. Tents, inflatable toys and pools, truck covers, and many more.

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD):  method for producing low stress coatings by way of thermally induced chemical reactions. This method is used for protection, low friction and decorative coatings. It is used in demanding markets like medical, automotive components, aerospace and for decorative uses.  

RF MY and DC Industrial
Medical Imaging RF and DC power generation


RF and DC power generation plays a major role in medical imaging. High performing RF amplifiers drive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and laser applications, as well as many other applications within the medical space. It is critical to keep equipment in top working form due to the expectations of the medical community. As cost and turnaround become more and more important in the medical space going forward, Odyssey is well poised to be a repair partner that this market can be confident in choosing.